Are your surfaces clean?

Food safety inspectors will now often swab surfaces in the kitchen and hand contact points such as fridge door handles and light switches to check that they are clean.

They will use swabs that change colour to give an indication of the cleanliness of the surface or an ATP meter to give a simple and rapid indication of levels of contamination and therefore hygiene and risk.  The numerical results give an idea of the amount of organic matter on a surface (on which bacteria can grow). 

We can use colour change swabs at a clients request to give an idea of the level of contamination.  Ours remain green if clean or go different shades of purple depending on the level of contamination.  If you would like this option during an audit just ask. 

If you would like us to check your surfaces the cost of 5 swabs is £20


For more information call 07786622741 or email