Food Hygiene Ratings

The Food Hygiene Rating (or Scores on the Doors)  is based on an assessment of Hygiene practices, Structural requirements and Management in the business.  Each element is rated from 0 (good) to 25 (bad) by the inspecting officer.

The lowest scores given by the EHO produce the highest hygiene rating e,g. 0,0,0 will produce a rating of 5.

The rating reflects what is seen at the time of the inspection, so if you have having a bad day then the rating may reflect that.  You can appeal against a rating and you can also request a re-rating but not normally before 3 months from the date of the inspection.

If you have been given a low rating or think your rating is unfair then please call for advice.


Food hygiene ratings in the UK do not currently have to be displayed in the business (unlike Wales) however they can be accessed in one of the following ways:

Via  Scores on the Doors  or the Food Standards Agency Website

There are also phone apps so that people can check the Hygiene Rating of a businesses near them or ones they are considering visiting.


By calling the local Environmental Health department for information.

NB Inspection details are available to anyone under the Freedom of Information Act.



For more information call 07786622741 or email